If you have a PocketPC or Smartphone, we have a new service available to allow you to synchronize your contacts, appointments and tasks while you are in, or out of the office. This is great for people that travel, or who are out of the office. We can also design a smartphone friendly web site!

I have personally switched over to Outlook 2007, and I must say, being able to get my appointments and reminders on my phone, and my computer, and having everything synchronized has been a huge asset and has increased my efficiency dramatically. Everything will synchronize via Bluetooth while I am in the office, or via the internet while I am out of the office. I can make appointments on the phone, or on my computer. Your assistant can make an appointment in the office and you can get it on your phone while you are away!

If you have no idea what I am talking about, no worries! Email me, and I will set up a time to go over the basics of how you can use Outlook 2003-2007 to more efficiently serve your business. I can even show you how to use your SmartPhone/PDA/PocketPC as:

1)    GPS which is going to be a huge trend.

2)    Watch and control your Cable/Satellite/DVR at home on your phone, or Laptop.

3)    MP3 Player.

4)    Video Player.

Email sales@websiteworld.com or call the office 865-379-7171 for a free 60 day trial of Outlook and a free consultation on Smartphones and PocketPC's.